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Documentary Series

French Letters (4 films), Channel 4, 1994.

Presenter: Nick Danziger.

French Letters 1, 30 March 1994
A look at the France tourists never see: illegal immigrants, rundown housing estates and villages with dark secrets. The first programme looks at the sapeurs-pompiers (fire brigade) based in the notorious La Courneuve housing estate in the Paris suburbs.

French Letters 2, 06 April 1994
The work of the Marseilles `illegals' brigade who seek out clandestine immigrants in France.

French Letters 3, 13 April 1994
Nick Danziger visits a valley in the Vosges where the unsolved murder of a toddler 10 years ago brought the village of Lepanges into notoriety.

Room at the top, 20 April 1994
In the final programme, Nick Danziger goes to Paris to investigate the practice of pistonner - or greasing the pistons of family life with bribery. He concentrates on the Boussentas, a Moroccan immigrant family who lack friends in high places.

Postcards From The Edge (6 films), Channel 4, 1996

Presenter: Nick Danziger.

A study of people who live on the fringes of contemporary Britain, Documentary film using a montage of film and black-and-white stills to present a series of powerful, intimate human stories, narrated by the subjects themselves.

Glasgow, Halifax, 6 June 1996
Mary, a mother of nine children, eight of whom have succumbed to the ravages of drugs that affect her part of Glasgow tells her story. Also 26-year-old Anthony confronts his parents in the hope of discovering why they put him in care as a child.

Newcastle, Cardiff, 13 June 1996
Danziger visits Newcastle's West End to interview an ex-wrestler and war hero who refuses to be intimidated by the gangs of glue-sniffing children terrorising the neighbourhood; and Tiger Bay, Cardiff to meet a single mother for whom an up-coming DJ job and singing career may lead her to a possible way out of drugs and despair.

Barrow-in-Furness, Skerray, 20 June 1996
The final programme in the three-part series looks at two former shipworkers who, after 35 years at the Vickers shipyard, were forced into uncertainty and unemployment following mass redundancies; and at a young family trying to make a go of crofting in the isolated community of Skerray in the Scottish Highlands.

The Fight For Hearts and Minds (2 films), Channel 4, 1997.

Presenter: Nick Danziger

A two-part report from the NHS frontline.

The heart transplant, 06 January1997
This programme reveals the stresses and fears of a trainee heart surgeon at Harefield Hospital in Middlesex. Includes Nick Danziger's black and white stills.

The breaking point, 07 January 1997
A rare insight into life beyond the walls of a psychiatric hospital. During a night on call, two junior doctors at the Maudsley in South London are faced with suicide attempts, manic outbursts and a woman who is brought in by the police for creating a disturbance.

The Establishment (6 films), Channel 4, 1999

Presenter: Nick Danziger

A six-part series in which photojournalist Nick Danziger meets six archetypal establishment figures.

The Duke of Westminster, 14 March 1999
The Duke of Westminster, Britain's richest landowner talks about running an international business, and about how inheriting his title ended his dreams of a quiet life.

The Bishop of Durham, 21 March 1999
The film has two parallel themes and narratives. The first is the position of the Church of England in relation to the local communities and second is concerned with Bishop Michael Turnbull himself, a man who has a very strong, quiet faith and often struggles against his natural personality to fulfil his very public duties.

The Commander-in-chief, Army, 28 March 1999
Photojournalist Nick Danziger shadows General Sir Michael Walker, Commander-in-Chief of the Army, as he awaits the government's Strategic Defence Review.

The Masters of Trinity College, 11 April 1999
Nick Danziger visits Trinity College, Cambridge, to gain an insight into the workings of this closeted, archaic institution and the people who run it. The Master, Sir Michael Atiyah, retires and is succeeded by Prof Amatya Sen. Contributions from Prof Sir Michael Berridge, Dr Greg Winter, Prof Gareth Jones and head porter Rodney Eusden.

The Editor of the Times, 18 April 1999
Nick Danziger profiles the editor of The Times, Peter Stothard. Filmed over several months, the programme presents an intimate portrait of the man and a revealing insight into one of the most prestigious jobs in journalism.

Lord Gowrie - Patron of the Arts, 25 April 1999
Nick Danziger follows Lord Gowrie as he prepares to step down after four years as chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain.

Women Facing War (11 films), ICRC, 2002

The impact of armed conflict on women seen through the eyes of women in countries/regions affected by war throughout the world. Filmed in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Dzidza: The story of a woman who lost her husband and two sons at Srebrenica eight years ago.
Efrat: A woman awaits news of her brother, an Israeli border patrol soldier who has gone missing.
Amanda: Amanda, detained for her role in armed conflict, talks of her daily life.
Mah-Bibi at ten years old is destitute and begs for food to support herself and her younger brothers.
Mariatu: An amputee victim of the brutal conflict in Sierra Leone recounts her story.
Nasrin: A widow and mother, explains how medical care has helped her regain mobility after a mine accident.
Olja describes her feelings on learning finally of her missing husband's death.
Qualam: A woman describes her life as a refugee in Afghanistan.
Sarah: A Survivor of sexual violence, recounts her story.
Shihnaz lives with daily fear of threats to her personal safety.

Watan-i-dur (8 films) Public Service Announcement for Afghan Television, 2006

Afghanistan: Development in action
True life accounts of the impact of the UK’s development programme in Afghanistan.

Text by Gordon Adam, Media Support Solutions, and Nick Danziger. Photography by Nick Danziger.
Made for the UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID).