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Documentary Films

War, Lives & Videotape, BBC, 29 June 1991

(Mon vidéojournal d’Afghanistan, ARTE)

The film follows what happens when Nick Danziger returns to Kabul, Afghanistan, to try and negotiate the release of orphaned children abandoned in an asylum and growing up among chained inmates. The film also gives a portrait of a city under siege and devastated by war. Awarded the Prix Italia for best television documentary. Nominated Documentary of the Year by the Royal Television Society, and awarded a First Mention by the ecumenical jury at the 23rd International Documentary Film Festival (Nyon, Switzerland). 

Down and Out in Paris and London, Channel 4, 1993

Presenter: Nick Danziger

Nick Danziger follows in the footsteps of novelist George Orwell whose book 'Down and Out in Paris and London' exposed conditions of the homeless 60 years ago. He discovers that for the homeless of Paris and London conditions have changed very little.

Adventures in the Land of S.P.L.A.J., Channel 4, 12 July 1993

Presenter: Nick Danziger

Nick Danziger gives an often hilarious account of his attempts to gain an interview with Colonel Gaddafi in Libya and penetrate the bureaucracy of the Great SPLAJ (Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahuriya) in Tripoli.

Orphans of War, Channel 4, 1996

The story of photographer and journalist Nick Danziger's quest to bring three orphaned children out of Afghanistan in the hope of adopting them. The programme follows a year in the life of Danziger and the three children in the West as they adapt to a radically changed lifestyle.

Mongolia, The Discovery Channel, 1999

Nick Danziger goes in search of Mongolia's Tsaatan people, a dwindling community of nomadic reindeer herders.

Afghanistan, The Discovery Channel, 1999

Nick Danziger meets the Kirghiz people of Afghanistan, hoping to be the first to film them since the end of the Soviet-Afghan war.

AIDS: The Global Killer, Channel 4 / Tele Piu / Planète, 2000

Nick Danziger talks to Zambian sex workers who, if the price is right, have unprotected sex; to patients suffering social stigma and lack of drugs; to Roman Catholics willing to make a stand against the Church; to Moscow drug addicts who share needles with no access to needle exchange; to segregated prisoners and to prostitutes, and to British patients who receive drugs.

The Unquiet Peace, BBC / The History Channel, 2001

Photojournalist Nick Danziger returns to Kosovo to trace the refugees he met while covering the war in 1999.

Jacques Henri Lartigue, The boy who never grew up, BBC, 5 July 2004

One of the 20th century's greatest photographers, Jacques Henri Lartigue worked in virtual obscurity until 1962, when a chance meeting revealed his work to the world. Nick Danziger explores some of the staggering 250,000 images he took over nine decades.

A Digital Picture of Britain, BBC, 12 June 2007

From Gatwick Airport to a modern-day revisit of classic paintings of London, three photographers are pointing the lens in a bid to chronicle their local landscapes in the South East region. Using the latest digital technologies, Emily Allchurch, Nick Danziger and Kalpesh Lathigra are challenged to take their own urban, rural and industrial landscapes to create A Digital Picture of Britain in the 21st Century.